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"Факты и вымысел про Qt и Digia"

Вот ссылка на пост Qt and Digia, facts and fiction г. Найстрома (VP, Head of MeeGo, Qt & WebKit, Nokia) от 14 марта, в котором он "address[es] the facts and the fiction in what some commentators are saying".

Я этот пост здесь переводить не буду, только скопипастю основные пункты, просто для себя, на будущее.

Headline: “Nokia sells Qt / offloads Qt / sells majority of Qt”
False. Nokia will sell the commercial Qt business to Digia, giving them the right to sell Qt Commercial licenses and offer professional services and support to the Qt community.
The Qt commercial business is important, but it is not the majority of Qt. An estimated 400,000 developers across more than 70 industries use Qt. There are 3500 commercial customers. Some have one license, some have dozens of licenses, but commercial customers do not make up the majority of the Qt user base.
Nokia will continue to invest in the development of Qt, continues to hold the copyright and will continue to publish Qt under an open source license benefitting the whole community.

“Developers are moving from Qt to Digia”. True or False?
False: Some news websites have suggested 19 developers were moving from Qt to Digia, which was then re-reported by others. It is false. In addition, Digia already has hundreds of Qt certified developers, more than anyone else in the world.

19 employees from our commercial team are planned to move to Digia when the transaction closes, nine in Norway, ten in the US. Not a single developer among them. They are great people and we wish them well for a great and prosperous future with Digia.

“This will create a fork between the commercial and LGPL version” True or False?
Again, this is false. Nokia and Digia have started this collaboration together, and both will be ensuring their work benefits all of the Qt community, not just LGPL or commercial licensees.

Digia is already an established Nokia partner and we are confident that this new structure will benefit everyone. Commercial users get service and attention from a company with a core interest in the commercial Qt business, Nokia’s Qt partners and developers get a tighter focus on their core areas from Nokia.

Nokia and Digia have a shared interest in not fragmenting Qt, and an interest in growing the entire Qt ecosystem.

“Nokia is breaking Qt up into pieces and trying to offload it” True or False?
False. Since the announcement in February of Windows Phone as Nokia’s primary smartphone strategy, Nokia has provided several reassurances about its future intentions for Qt. Specifically to continue developing it, building it, improving it. Here is CTO Rich Green talking about this.

“This divestment is occurring as a result of the Nokia Windows Phone smartphone strategy” True or False?
False. We began the process of finding a partner to service Qt commercial customers in 2010. It made sense then to find a company with a core interest in commercial license sales to manage this and it still makes sense now.

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